With a BA (hons) in Design Studies with Fashion Promotion, Sophie has worked between the realms of marketing graphic design in the retail sector since 2009. With experience at working for both small grass root companies and UK and International retail brands, Sophie strives to expand her knowledge and skills in various areas of marketing and graphic design to be able to be reactive for in her trade.

In 2020, Sophie joined O’Hara Solicitors as Brand & Marketing Manager to take her specific retail design and marketing skillset and apply it to a new sector, treating O’Hara Solicitors with an up-to-date modern approach in branding and marketing itself. Using these skills, she has elevated the brand’s identity with a rebrand, modernising our approach in processes of working with the client to make it an easier process for all parties specifically within the conveyancing department.

She has also put in place an effective marketing strategy to strengthen the firm’s standing within the legal sector whilst also widening our audience and boosting our client numbers.

Sophie is highly organised, creative, and committed to providing an excellent client journey throughout their matter.

In her spare time Sophie is very involved with her young family – she is married with two young sons. She enjoys watching a good movie with even better food!