Case Tracking With Our Portal & App

Case Tracking With Our App

Embrace Digital With Our Case Tracking App

With our app not only can you get live updates on your matter with us as we work, it can also reduce the time spent on initial onboarding and ID checks to help kick-start your case with speed and efficiency.

Embrace Digital With Our Case Tracking App

With our app get live updates on your matter with us as we work and reduce time spent on initial onboarding.

The Complete Onboarding Digital Solution


Our app is the perfect solution to speed up the initial documentation stage of your matter. Not only can you do digital ID verification through the app itself, you can also retrieve any needed bank statements securely, fill out any protocol forms and sign our terms of business simply and easily.


Convenient 24/7 access to your account Electronically sign client care letters
Receive instant updates & track matter progress Safely verify identity & source of funds
Download documents securely Rate your experience directly from the app

Verifying You ID and Securely Sending Information


Using our secure app, you can provide us with your identification using our built in ID validation technology which helps stops any fraudulent activity.
It’s a simple and clear process allowing you to reach our compliance checks in and easy and time efficient way.
You can also securely connect to your banking information in minutes to download any relevant source fund information and send it directly to our team for verification of funds.
Our two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to our app giving you peace of mind.

Making Those Initial But All Important Forms A Breeze


All your initial documentation is in one centralised location making it easy for you to obtain, fill out and return to our team. The easy to use forms are less overwhelming to complete and come complete with Law Society Guidance notes help the you with any questions that may arise. Digitalised completion of the forms allows for automatic pre-population of data which helps for quicker completion of onboarding.

Areas Of Residential Conveyancing We Cover



Whether your a first time buyer or moving up the ladder, our conveyancing team can assist you with purchasing a property.



Our conveyancing team can help you sell your property expertly and efficiently.



O’Hara Solicitors can make buying and selling a home as stress-less as possible.



Looking to remortgage? O’Hara Solicitors can help guide you through the process.



Our conveyancing team have a wealth of experience on dealing with transfer of equity matters.



We have rounded up a few tools to help you with your conveyancing journey including stamp duty and mortgage calculators.