Financial Matters

Financial Matters

Protect Your Future With Financial Family Law.

O’Hara Solicitors can help protect you and your family financial now and for the future with well-planned and executed financial agreements.

Reaching A Financial Settlement In Your Divorce To Protect Your Future.


Reaching a financial settlement is as important as getting you settled for life after divorce. O’Hara Solicitors work with you to ensure you make the right financial decisions to protect you and your family’s future.

Divorce finances can become quite complicated when trying to reach a settlement, but by making the legal side easier to understand and cutting through the jargon, we can make the process a lot simpler for you.

Our family law team can help guide you through the entire process with care and attention to detail, helping you make knowledgable decisions about your financial security for you and your family.

We can also provide contact with a network of Independent Financial Advisors that can help get you the tailored plan you need.

We also provide a Budget Planner to help you start the process of collating and organising your finances, expenses etc. to make sure your plan covers the entire future needs of you and your family.




Why Is a Pre-Nuptial Agreement A Good Idea?

Even though this is a truly exciting (and sometimes stressful) time in a relationship when planning your wedding, the last thing you may be thinking about is whether it will last.

A pre-nuptial agreement will give you and your partner peace of mind by protecting yourself financially in the future. A small cost now can save you thousands further down the line.

Communication is a huge part of any relationship so aligning yourself with a well drafted pre-nuptial agreement could make a huge difference not only if the worst could happen, but also can help get you and your partner on the same page for some of those bigger tougher questions.



Already Married? A Post-Nuptial Agreement Can Help.

The only difference from a pre-nuptial agreement that a post-nuptial agreement has is that it is done post “I Do”. What a post-nuptial agreement can do is offer you a level of security and peace of mind that you both know where you stand financially, whatever the future may hold.

A Post-nuptial agreement can be made at any point or time within a marriage, providing a plan for provision for the future including the event of having children, or to help plan a route of navigation out of situation you and your partner are currently in.

As with both a pre-nup and post-nup, giving O’Hara Solicitors full financial disclosure when deciding the terms will allow our experts to draft an agreement that will withstand the test of time.





Why Choose O’Hara Solicitors To Process Your Financial Family Matters?

Whatever you may be facing as a family, whatever make up or size your family is, was, or will be, we are here to listen to what you have to say and help with what you need. We will help take the strain from a very emotional issue, make the law easier to grasp and tailor our services for you and your circumstances.

  • Proactive and dedicated family run firm
  • Receive key updates on your matter via our O’Hara Solicitors App
  • Over 45 years of legal experience
  • Flexible if unable to come to the office.

We will make everything as easy as possible for you during this tough time, helping take any strain away, making your situation and options easier to grasp to help find a solution that works perfectly for you.

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